Seasons of Love and War - Characters name
Joyce Sterling Scarbrough - Join us on the epic journey of two childhood sweethearts.
                            Kaylob's name
Actually I came up with his name in a dream, where he told me to write down how he wanted it spelled.I had been spelling it Caleb. Since the entire book came from my dreams. How could I argue with Kaylob.
Kaylob meaning and name origin
Kaylob \
ka(y)-lob\ as a boy's name is a variant of Caleb (Hebrew), and the meaning of Kaylob is "faith, devotion, whole hearted".
The baby name Kaylob sounds like KaylebKaleb and Cayleb. Other similar baby names are KayleKayleyGaylonGaylor and Kylor.
      Elizabeth Ann Rose
Elizabeth Ann Rose came to me with the help of friends. We ended up calling her Beth Ann. And we thought since she's a Broadway star that Rose would be a good stage name. And it works well in the plot.
Beth Ann is sometimes called Lucy for a nick name. After reading the book you will understand the kind of trouble that seems to find her.
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