Seasons of Love and War - Seasons of Love and War
Joyce Sterling Scarbrough - Join us on the epic journey of two childhood sweethearts.

SEASONS OF LOVE AND WAR, my  historical romance, is an epic love story that will appeal to fans of Pearl Harbor and Nicholas Sparks’ Dear John. Childhood sweethearts Beth Ann Rose and Kaylob Shawn O’Brien just want to get married and pursue their dream careers, but the Vietnam War changes everything when Kaylob is drafted into the Army. They survive his first tour of duty, then Kaylob’s sense of honor makes him volunteer to go back and help his brothers in Bravo Company. Beth Ann is furious, but they work through it and make plans to get married as soon as Kaylob comes home. Then Kaylob is captured but listed as Killed in Action, Body Not Recovered after his bloody dog tags are found.
Beth Ann literally withdraws from life for months, but with the help of her friends and family, she manages to pull herself out of her despair and gradually get back to living. She gets a job with a touring musical production group and thinks maybe she can survive, then she starts having dreams and visions of Kaylob and a jungle, and she thinks she’s lost her sanity as well as the only man she’s ever loved. When another childhood friend named Blake Tanner comes back into her life, he does his best to help her deal with everything. He’s rich, successful and gorgeous, and Beth Ann is the envy of practically every single woman in America, so why can’t she stop thinking about and dreaming of Kaylob?
Meanwhile, Kaylob is tortured in one of the most hellish types of prison camps in Vietnam, and the only thing that keeps him going are the visions of his sweet Beth Ann and his determination to survive whatever the Cong does to him so he can get back home to her. His heart and his love are strong, but can his body hold out long enough to get back home when so many others are dying all around him?
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Was it the end? Was he really dead/ Will he ever come home to Beth Ann again?
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