Seasons of Love and War - The Journey- A Prequel
Joyce Sterling Scarbrough - Join us on the epic journey of two childhood sweethearts.
       The Journey of Elizabeth Ann Rose.

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The journey for Elizabeth Ann Rose starts out on an Indian reservation in southern California, which has become her home. She is upset and angry when they have to leave again to travel on the road while her daddy plays in his band and tries to become famous.

Take this journey while she and her family live out of an old beat up station wagon traveling from one city to another. Sometimes, living in dirty old hotel rooms where they're only pets are mice and cockroaches.

When Beth Ann turns eleven she finds more than chocolate cake being served. Her daddy finally gets served with divorce papers from her mom and she takes her three children and heads for a new life.

Find out how in one short summer Beth Ann’s life completely changes. And, she ends up in a little Northern California town in; Novato, California.
The very town that will change her life forever and a day.


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The Journey of Elizabeth Ann Rose
Take a journey with Beth Ann through the years.