Seasons of Love and War - This weeks Snippet
Joyce Sterling Scarbrough - Join us on the epic journey of two childhood sweethearts.
This weeks snippets from -A Forever Season

ForeverSeason final-opt2
Blake’s eyes flew open to unholy pain, but he fought like hell to focus. Why were fireworks echoing around him and where was he? Wait, this was winter, so why in God’s name was he lying on the ground outside? The sounds around him vanished as the memory assaulted him.
Christ all mighty, it wasn’t fireworks it was gunshots. Blake raised his head and tried to move, but couldn’t budge anything. Damn, the burning was excruciating. He groaned in agony, feeling as though his guts had been ripped out. Placing his trembling hand on his stomach, he asked, “What the hell?” Something warm and wet gathered on his fingers. “Holy shit.” He glanced at the blood as it dripped down onto his shirt.

cDid that mean he was bleeding internally? 

Was he dying?

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